Vinyl plank flooring vs. laminate

Vinyl plank flooring vs. laminate

We often hear this question in our showroom: "Which is better? Luxury vinyl plank (often referred to as LVP flooring) or laminate?
They're both stylish, affordable flooring options. They are both durable and low maintenance.

But they still behave differently, so ask yourself some questions.

Questions to be asked

1.Where are you installing it? Some areas, like the kitchen, bath, or laundry room, are known as wet spaces.

Original laminate has wood in its composition to warp, cup, and crown with excess water. A newer laminate version has a non-wood composition, making it spill-proof.

2.Is your home prone to leaks? Many older houses are.

Do you worry about appliance floods? Luxury vinyl flooring is completely waterproof; it handles both small leaks and bigger floods.

3.How will the room be used? For example- living rooms can either be formal areas only used for entertaining or the center of family activity where people congregate, eat, snack, and spill beverages.

What’s your lifestyle?

Both vinyl plank flooring and laminate are durable, but laminate's prone to scratches. It can also chip over time. If you have pets or kids, luxury vinyl flooring may be the better choice; it has a robust wear layer and a top urethane finish.

Do you have a preference for the feeling underfoot?

Vinyl plank flooring is more resilient and flexible. Laminate is solid and rigid, like a hard surface.

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