Does it matter what size vinyl plank flooring you use?

Does it matter what size vinyl plank flooring you use?

The answer to this question depends mainly on your design goals. Luxury vinyl flooring has two forms: luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Widths are available from four to 12 or 14 inches. Lengths are usually between 36 and 50 inches. The shorter lengths often pertain to tile.  

About wide planks

Wider planks are currently trending, showing character, patterns, and textures better. Anything over five inches is considered a wide plank.

They work well in large rooms with high ceilings where the floor can get “lost.”

When you might want a narrower plank

A small, dark room might benefit from narrower vinyl plank flooring. However, wider ones can work as well in a small space.

Just be sure the room has a lot of natural light. Also, choose planks in a lighter shade.

The layout also makes a difference

Be sure the installer runs the floorboards parallel to the longest wall. A diagonal layout is best for this.

If your heart is set on wider planks, but the room won't accommodate them, go with random width layouts. These are planks in groups of three widths.

The most common grouping includes 3, 5, and 7-inch wide LVP flooring planks. 

Thickness: another size to consider

While a thicker surface doesn't necessarily mean more durable–that's what the wear layer is for–it is best for high-traffic floors.

It also hides subfloor imperfections better; remember, they can easily travel to the surface floor and affect appearance. They are also quieter.

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