Vinyl plank flooring in Mt. Pleasant, TX from Shumate Floor Covering

The top three vinyl plank flooring looks

When you hear the term "vinyl plank flooring," you may think the only visual is the wood look. But you have a wider variety than that for matching all kinds of decor.

Here are three of the top looks you can get in luxury vinyl flooring for your consideration. Consider how they might meet your specific needs for the flooring of your dreams.

The wood-look vinyl plank

The wood look is not only typical in this product line but also very popular. Enjoy grain patterns, formats, and colors that cater to any decor you currently have in place.

The stone look option

LVP flooring offers the stone look in a plank format, with many added options. Colors, textures, and the ability to use natural grout give them authenticity and beauty.

Decorative visuals that make an impact

If the natural look doesn't work for you, there are more decorative options that can fit your need well. Consider geometric patterns, colors, and designs that match various decor styles.

How do you choose the best look?

If you have an existing decor or interior design scheme, you'll want to pick an option that matches it best. But if you're building something new, luxury vinyl flooring allows you to start from scratch for fantastic results.

We have the luxury vinyl flooring you need

At Shumate Floor Covering, we offer a wide selection of flooring materials. And we have services to match each one, regardless of your choice.

We serve residents from Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Vernon, Pittsburg, Daingerfield, Omaha, and Naples, TX, from our Mt. Pleasant, TX showroom. Visit us to learn more about what we can do for your remodeling needs.

We have the vinyl plank flooring that fits any need, so consider our inventory. We'll make sure you find the best options for your household.